12. Academic Urogynecology – Dr. May Sanaee

Dr. May Sanaee is a urogynecologist in Edmonton, Alberta. She was a member of the inaugural McMaster University Medical...

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13. Community Emergency Medicine – Dr. James Beecroft

Dr. Beecroft is an Emergency Medicine physician practicing in the Niagara region in Ontario. Prior to beginning medical school,...

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14. Academic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery – Dr. Kirsty Boyd

“You really get to work with everyone, and we fix all their mistakes… ‘We’re in trouble; we can’t get...

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15. Community Adolescent & Child Sports Psychiatry – Dr. Carla Edwards

“…I wish more people would hear those stories, to really understand the powerful aspect of mental health. Under the...

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16. Provincial Forensic Pathology – Dr. Andrew Williams

“We are consulted only when everybody else doesn’t seem to have an answer.” Dr. Andrew Williams on the role...

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17. Academic Pediatric Hematology-Oncology – Dr. Ewurabena Simpson

“If you like acute care, which I do, and you also like continuity of care, you strike the perfect...

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