Northern Exposure

A guide to Canadian Physician Careers

Welcome to Northern Exposure, the podcast exploring physician careers available to Canadian medical students. Our goal is to help inform the decision of life after medical school, by exploring the stories of physicians who walked this path before us.

Latest Episodes

34. Academic Medical Genetics – Dr. Patrick Frosk

“The core of our specialty is being a physician for patients with very rare disease… We see patients from preconception to post-death… We cover all body systems… and we...

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33. Academic Anesthesiology – Dr. Lisa Bahrey

“Anesthesiology is an amazing specialty for hands-on patient care. It is day-to-day application of knowledge, judgment, and critical thinking often in life-threatening situations, and… it is an amazing opportunity...

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32. Academic Emergency Medicine – Dr. Catherine Patocka

“We have a core knowledge and procedural base that affords us the title of expert however…our circumstances require us to be incredibly adaptable and malleable. We’re generalists at heart,...

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31. Academic Public Health and Preventative Medicine – Dr. Onye Nnorom

“We in public health think about a whole community or population as our patient… When you’re thinking about what happens at the population level, generally you want to be...

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30. Academic Stroke Neurology – Dr. Thalia Field

“You get a lot of different satisfying elements…you get high stakes, fast clinical decision making in the acute setting, you get to deal with medically interesting people and some...

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29. Community Diagnostic Radiology – Dr. Neil Isaac

“We are the doctor’s doctor, and we like it that way… Every case is something new, and it’s a new discover, something new to find out.” -Dr. Neil Isaac...

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