Northern Exposure

A guide to Canadian Physician Careers

Welcome to Northern Exposure, the podcast exploring physician careers available to Canadian medical students. Our goal is to help inform the decision of life after medical school, by exploring the stories of physicians who walked this path before us.

Latest Episodes

22. Community Pediatric Neurology – Dr. Evan Lewis

“Often people say ‘I can’t believe you do [pediatric neurology] because there’s no treatment for anything and it must be horrible to deal with children’s neurological disorders.’ The truth...

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21. Academic Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) – Dr. Doug Angel

“A lot of surgical specialties have a counterpart in the medical specialty world… Cardiac surgeons have their colleagues in cardiology, urologists have their counterparts in nephrology, orthopedic surgeons have…...

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20. Academic Gynecologic Pathology – Dr. Mary Kinloch

“You must be interested in solving puzzles and getting to the bottom of complex medical problems… You have this incredible sense of accomplishment and contribution to the patient’s journey...

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19. Public Health Infectious Disease – Dr. Troy Grennan

“Infectious diseases is… detective work… Really trying to figure out undifferentiated problems… [People] don’t come in with a bug stuck on their face–you don’t know exactly what is going...

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18. Rural Family Practice Anesthesia – Dr. Kirk McCarroll

“It’s not all about going to the OR and working as an anesthetist every day, it’s using those skills to support your family practice, support your ED, and support...

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17. Academic Pediatric Hematology-Oncology – Dr. Ewurabena Simpson

“If you like acute care, which I do, and you also like continuity of care, you strike the perfect balance in hematology-oncology.” Dr. Simpson on why peds heme-onc is...

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