Northern Exposure

A guide to Canadian Physician Careers

Welcome to Northern Exposure, the podcast exploring physician careers available to Canadian medical students. Our goal is to help inform the decision of life after medical school, by exploring the stories of physicians who walked this path before us.

Latest Episodes

28. Community Obstetrics and Gynecology – Dr. Kristin Wadsworth

“No two days are alike, and it’s a good mix of surgery and medicine… I deliver babies; I take care of all kinds of gynecologic issues; and I have...

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27. Remote Family Medicine – Dr. Michael Kirlew

“In an urban centre, you can define your scope. In a rural setting, the environment defines your scope. You do what is needed… It challenges you to consistently improve...

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26. Academic Geriatric Medicine – Dr. Maia von Maltzahn

“Part of our job is to engage and find out what is meaningful to patients and their caregivers and then develop care plans that rich and sometimes restore meaning...

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25. Academic Cardiac Surgery – Dr. Michael Yamashita

“I have the ability to impact a patient’s life on a daily basis…. These operations are often life changing. They often mean that patients can go home and not...

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24. Community Family Medicine and Palliative Care – Dr. Sandy Shamon

“I see every one of my patients as a story that continues to unravel in front of me, and I am a part of it.” -Dr. Shamon on the...

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23. Academic Ophthalmology – Dr. Rishi Gupta

“We have lots of gadgets and technology… The specialty is very hands on… There are times where I am shooting a laser from this thing I put on my...

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