Series: Anesthesia

18. Rural Family Practice Anesthesia – Dr. Kirk McCarroll

“It’s not all about going to the OR and working as an anesthetist every day, it’s using those skills to support your family practice, support your ED, and support your community with the ability to provide symptom management, palliative care, critical care. It brings all those skills into a small community.” -Dr. McCarroll on the…

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7. Community Anesthesia – Dr. Ekta Khemani

Dr. Khemani is an Anesthesiologist at Niagara Health and an Anesthesiologist and Assistant Professor at McMaster University. She completed her MSc, MD, and residency at the University of Toronto, after which she worked as a clinical associate at SickKids completing additional training in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. She has presented and authored numerous papers…

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