Podcast: Emergency Medicine

32. Academic Emergency Medicine – Dr. Catherine Patocka

“We have a core knowledge and procedural base that affords us the title of expert however…our circumstances require us to be incredibly adaptable and malleable. We’re generalists at heart, particularly with regards to how we approach and solve problems…. I love the environment at the emergency department… We work very closely with our Allied health…

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13. Community Emergency Medicine – Dr. James Beecroft

Dr. Beecroft is an Emergency Medicine physician practicing in the Niagara region in Ontario. Prior to beginning medical school, he received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph and worked as a veterinarian for 7 years. He completed medical school, Family Medicine residency and post-graduate year…

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4. Remote Emergency Medicine & Advocacy – Dr. Courtney Howard

Dr. Howard is an Emergency Physician in Yellowknife and a clinical associate professor at the University of Calgary. She completed medical school and family medicine residency at the University of British Columbia, followed by an additional year of training in emergency medicine at McGill University. Dr. Howard’s experience with Doctors Without Borders in Djibouti, where…

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