Podcast: Psychiatry

15. Community Adolescent & Child Sports Psychiatry – Dr. Carla Edwards

“…I wish more people would hear those stories, to really understand the powerful aspect of mental health. Under the surface you can’t see it, but man it’ll kill you if you don’t pay attention to it.“ -Dr. Carla Edwards on the underappreciated but important role of mental health Profile Profile: Positions: Adolescent and Child Sport…

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5. Outreach Psychiatry & Advocacy – Dr. Michaela Beder

Dr. Beder is a psychiatrist in Toronto. She completed her medical school at McMaster University, followed by her psychiatry residency at the University of Toronto. Her work is focused on improving the system for, and providing care to, people who experience severe mental illness, homelessness, substance use, criminalization, and immigration related difficulties. She is the…

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